How to purchase Green Coffee

Using the right techniques of storage will ensure that your green coffee or tea lasts for long. Before purchasing this coffee, it is important that you should pay attention to the region it comes from. You can decide to either shop locally or online.

Steps of purchasing coffee

  • Region of purchase

There are different flavors that are provided by medium and light roasts. There are regions which are known to offer coffee with citrus and floral flavors.  You should purchase your coffee from such regions when looking for sweet coffee. Green coffee from region such as Mexico is popular for flavors such as berry, chocolate and vanilla. Costa Rica region is known to offer beans which make citrus and heavy roasted flavors.  You should purchase the product from Brazil when looking for caramel, nut and sweet flavor.  One thing that you should bear in mind is that the flavor of your coffee will be affected by region of purchase.

  • Inquire more from the sellers information about their beans

When you are purchasing the beans, you should inquire from the seller whether the beans are Robusta or Arabica. On the other hand, when ordering for the product online, you should learn more by paying attention to the website of the seller. The two different types of beans available vary in production and growth. This means that there will also be variation in the flavor as well as quality of the coffee. For a good roasting taste, you should consider Arabica coffee. Robusta coffee is relatively cheap and does not have an attractive flavor. However, many individuals use it in espresso and blends.    

Another important issue that you should inquire about is the production process of the green coffee beans.  When placing an order online, this information should be provided in the website. When the information is missing, you should contact the seller. The two main methods applied in processing the beans include natural (dry) and washed (wet) processes. Sweet coffee is produced by dry processing. Furthermore, it has a clear taste. On the other hand, wet processing offers coffee with a light taste.

  • Pay attention to characteristics of coffee beans

Various coffee beans have various profiles. There are some unique characteristics that you should bear in mind. They include: acidity, flavor, complexity, balance. For example, if you love sugary products, you should go for flavors such as caramel, chocolate and berry.

  • Make your purchase

This is the final step of acquiring your green coffee. It is recommended that you should have a clear picture of what you need when going for shopping. You should write on a piece of paper the characteristics that you need from your desired coffee. There are various options that are provided when shopping online.  However, you need to be careful in order to make your purchase from reputable sellers. You should bear in mind that it may take several week to acquire your package once you have ordered them online. Those are some of the basics that you should be aware of when looking for coffee.